Yamaria Naorie RH 1.5 TF Hika SP R 08 Red head Nightlight - Asian Portal Fishing - Japan Brand Fishing Tackle

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Rivalley / RBB
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Yamaria Naorie RH 1.5 TF Hika SP R 08 Red head Nightlight

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Yamaria Naorie RH 1.5 TF Hika SP R 08 Red head Nightlight

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Item # 4510001556230
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4.5 g 3.0 to 3.5 sec / m
Everyone Easy Tsutsuka Egging To Hika kore !!" In deep water fields where large vessels in the suburbs of the city enter and leave, there are many fish eaters such as sea bass and blue objects, and Heika swings near the seabed so that it can hide himself Often it is. This situation is frequent in the spring egg laying season and early in the autumn season, and it is essential to sink the egg to the swimming layer of Hika. However, there is a tendency for riding on bad boys with a fast falling speed. For that reason, not only is it easier to bottom, it is increasing the tuning to the fall speed which can easily ride on Hika, and using the technique of applying line tension by applying thread tension, the anglers which capture Hika are increasing. However, those who just recently started hika are not able to sink the egg until the swimming layer of Hika under the influence of strong winds and rapid waves, so there are many people who are feeling frustrated without fishing results is there. So YAMASHITA gathered voices of Hika Egger nationwide and repeated fishing. Pursuing a tension fault (TF) balance that can catch even with the fall speed which is most easily captured from the overwhelming fishery drawn from the actual fishing and even under strong winds and rapid tides. And, a dedicated egg that was delicately delicious and delicious, was born. Proposing Hika capture that hides in the bottom where the capture was difficult until now. No technique is required, anyone can easily attack Hika. The thought that I want you to enjoy Hikaka Egg easily for more people is packed with this Egi. * The image of the product you are posting is displaying the representative image. Moreover, the color may look different from the real one. Please be forewarned."

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