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Daiwa Presso LTD AGS 60ML J

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Daiwa Presso LTD AGS 60ML J

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Item # 4960652087551
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Manufacturer info DAIWA
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Total length (m): 1.83 Number of relays (pieces): 2 Finish (cm): 94 Standard dead weight (g): 63 Tip diameter / source diameter (mm): 1.4 (1.4) /8.4 Luer weight (g): 0.6-4 Line (lb.): 2-4 Carbon content (%): 98 ■ The tip diameter is the closest from the tip, and the outer diameter without parts and thread winding, () Is the outer diameter of the tip of the material. 60g ultra-light area trout rod made possible by the latest Daiwa technology ● Retrieve from cast, take a bit and bring it to the landing. Presso LTD, which aims to far surpass the standard of the area rod so far in the whole process of the nest. With the introduction of the DAIWA TECHNOLOGY at the tip, such as adopting “AGS” equipped with a lightweight, high rigidity, trouble-free R-type frame and a thin, lightweight C ring and N ring as guides, the lightest weight in the history of the presso history Realize your own weight. The outstanding sensitivity and maneuverability brought by light links directly with the mind of the angler, allowing you not only to feel the lure, but to operate at will. ■ 60ML Series 60ML developed as the most batting-spanning rod in the series. The unique design concept of Daiwa features a taper that bends smoothly from tip to belly. This makes it possible to cast a lightweight spoon firmly with its weight on the rod while being ML. In addition, the weak bit at the time of low activity is also regarded as the bending of the whole rod, and it is transmitted to the hand firmly by the synergetic effect with SVF Nano Plus. Moreover, at that time, since the blanks are slowly bent, it is possible to give time until the fish feel a sense of incongruity, and it can also be said that securing of the hooking time can be secured. After putting on, because the power of the middle class trout can be squeezed up with the power of ML, it also leads to the return improvement at the time of competition. Mainly developed and tested spoons in the range of 1.8 to 2 g, but the applicable range is wide from lightweight spoons to plugs. ※ The image of the product is displaying a representative image. Also, it may look different from the actual color. Please be forewarned.

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